Angin Kencang.

Angin kencang membawa kau

jauh ke sana

Such a cool video. It shows the classic parts of Japan that we used to watch on TV during our childhood, especially baseball game and the view from the train. As if I’m watching my fav anime into life. I have no say on the music genre but I really enjoy this song that I keep on repeating it. An easy-listening song, so mellow but sweet at the same time. I hear flowers!

Aku bagai camar.

Aku bagai camar.

Aku terbang.

Aku singgah.

Aku terbang lagi

dan lagi.

Di setiap perhentian itu,

Di setiap perjalanan itu,

aku mempelajari bahawa

sayap aku bisa patah,

mata aku bisa buta,

dan aku bisa hilang arah.

Kerna aku bagai camar.

Tapi pada suatu ketika

bila aku sudah puas terbang

dan singgah,

maka aku kembali

ke sarang yang memberi seribu erti kedamaian.

Tere bina. Without you.

I fell in love with this song when I was listening to Capital fm while driving. The sound of the drum caught my ears and I feel that the music sounds beautiful. When I got back, I started to google the song. I didn’t catch the title song in Hindi but the announcer did mention the title in English. It took me a while to look for the song. I am able to recognize the exact song without much clues because of the drum sounds. yeay :)

Actually, the lyric is really poetic. :)