Tere bina. Without you.

I fell in love with this song when I was listening to Capital fm while driving. The sound of the drum caught my ears and I feel that the music sounds beautiful. When I got back, I started to google the song. I didn’t catch the title song in Hindi but the announcer did mention the title in English. It took me a while to look for the song. I am able to recognize the exact song without much clues because of the drum sounds. yeay :)

Actually, the lyric is really poetic. :)

24 years old.

Happy 24 years of living on this Earth. Woah. A year older, a year wiser. 

Firstly, I am truly grateful that I dont need to spend my birthday alone. I was thinking of spending my time alone, in my room, watching endless drama episodes while drinking my fav apple cider. But then, Universe is so kind to send me people to accompany me for my birthday. WOOT!

I am also grateful that God has put a lot of kind people in my life for the past year. Thank you to my dearest colleagues for the birthday surprise, wishes and a lovely gift. Thank you to my dearest students for the wishes, salam, dua’ and a present. Thank you to my friends who are willing to give a portion of their time to me. I know that it’s a big commitment to make. 

I am wishing for wisdom to live greater good, to spend my precious life on something meaningful, to bless people around me, to left a mark in everyone’s hearts, to share a part of me with someone that I do not mind feeling pain and joy at the same time, to see my parents enjoying their days growing old together, to support my siblings in whatever they wish to do and to keep fond memories of every moment that left a mark on me permanently. 


Groceries shopping

I love groceries shopping. I see it as a therapy and an exercise.

I am glad that when I was young, mom always brought us to do groceries shopping. She made us wrote down our shopping list. In the grocery store, she taught us to compare prices.

When I started to live alone, I did my own groceries shopping.  It started when I studied matriculation in Labuan. It was a heaven for me because I have a lot of chocolates inside my locker.  But I spent moderately until uni because my parents paid my uni fees and expenses.

Now that I work and earn a living, I have freedom to buy what I want. Don’t worry. I still practice what my mom taught me. However, I realise that as I grow old, I start to be conscious with things and food that I buy. No more junk food and all. Say Yes to fibre cereal crackers, fruits, broccoli, real meat and soy drink.


“When you know, you know lah”.

“Eugene Yong: What is love?
Yasmin Ahmad: It’s the longing we have to know God.
Eugene Yong: How do you know we found true love?
Yasmin Ahmad: The same way we know our house on fire. We just know.”

I don’t know how but I just know. But now, I don’t how to. As much as I used to ignore it before, I realize that actually I can’t. The feeling is strong but I am as calm as the sea. Love will find a way.